Your Options for Stretch Marks Treatment

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Stretch marks usually appear on certain areas of the body. These areas are the ones that accumulate the most amount of fat like the abdomen, hips, breast, thighs and upper arms. Stretch marks are no more than an esthetic problem, but most people are eager to find a solution for them.

For further information about this theme please click stretch marks. A very popular solution for getting rid of stretch marks is lotions. Their popularity comes from the fact that you can find them at your local drugstore and use them when ever you want. However, make sure that the stretch mark cream you choose contains components that help eliminate scar tissue and generate new skin cells. You should not choose a product that contains collagen. Collagen molecules are too large and cannot penetrate the pores of your skin which implies that if you are using a product that contains this substance it is possible that it is uselessly lying on the outside of your skin.

Natural products are another option that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Rose hip oil is an excellent product for the treatment of stretch marks and scar tissue. Rose hip oil stimulates the growth of new cells and will also help eliminate damaged skin tissue, all this due to its fatty acids and vitamins. Helix aspersa muller extract is another excellent product for treating stretch marks. This ingredient is sometimes added to natural skin care creams to help reduce blemishes on the skin. The biological composition of this natural ingredient works much in the same way as rose hip oil does.

Regular use of stretch mark creams containing these ingredients will help "dissolve" flawed cells and eliminate them. You can even use these products before developing scars to help reduce the chances of getting stretch marks. Stretch mark creams are a slow working solution that requires time to show results. Your best bet is to be consistent and you will see results, however, if you don't want to wait then you can always choose from the following treatment options. To find out which solution preventing stretch marks all-naturalis the best one available you need to do your research first.

How to get rid of Stretch Marks: Surgery and other Resurfacing Methods

For people that have loose skin and stretch marks, undergoing plastic surgery is the best stretch mark removal treatment out there. Surgery will leave a scar and requires wound care and rest. However, the results are instantaneous. Dermabrasion is another way of treating stretch marks so that they are not so noticeable. Recovery is relatively quick, but there is pain associated with this procedure. Microdermabrasion is a less painful treatment and it won't require any recovery time since it is a much more gentle solution. For example after you have a baby you might be stuck with horrible pregnancy stretch marks on your bellytreating these with a microdermabration treatment can be a good alternative.

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