You Want To Learn To Dance? Read This First!

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Dancing With The Stars did bring us one thing of value. More people are wanting to learn how to dance now that they see, not only how cool it is, but how knowing how to dance can get you lots of hot looking men and women, depending on just what it is you're after. Well, before you go out finding some dance course, you might want to read this article first.

There are essentially two parts to dancing. The one is technical and the other is physical. Let's start with the technical aspect first.

Technically, dancing is not hard. It essentially comes down to a series of steps, depending on what dance you're doing, done in a sequence to a musical beat…usually one, two, three, four, unless you're dancing a waltz, which is one, two three. These steps can be any one of a variety of steps, front, back, side to side, and so on. Each dance has its own sequence and variations. That's why when you see somebody dancing, say a samba, no two people dance it the same way. Point is, the technical aspect of dancing comes down to memorization and a little coordination.

However, the physical aspect is a different can of worms altogether. What may look like a simple dance step technically, can be physically draining. For example, the Sailor's Hornpipe, as performed by the Highland Dancers, is probably one of the most physically demanding dances ever created. A lot of the dance steps that you see on the Broadway stage are also very demanding. However, if you're interested in just typical ballroom dancing, for the most part, you don't have to be in magnificent shape.

And that's the great thing about dancing. If you're NOT in great shape, do enough of it and it will GET you into great shape. Ever look at the legs of dancers? I rest my case. Dancing is probably the best exercise that you're ever going to get and the best part about it…it's fun. Not like those boring exercises that you've been doing at home on your treadmill or whatever.

So if you're really interested in learning to dance, check out my blog. It WILL get you on your way.

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