You Can Have A Dignified, Peaceful Divorce

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The choices you make about “how” you divorce, can determine your future and the future of your family life. And, believe it or not, you can have a dignified, peaceful divorce. While adversarial proceedings that traditionally occur in a courtroom have their place in our legal system, these proceedings may not always be the best choice for your divorce. There are other choices.

Both mediation and collaborative practice have the advantage of enabling you and your spouse to keep the decision-making focused on what is best for your family, rather than places those key decisions in the hands of a judge. After all, no one knows better then you what will most benefit you, your spouse, and your children.

In both the mediation and the collaborative practice models, you have access to a variety of professionals who can help you navigate specific aspects of your divorce.


In my 2O plus years as a divorce mediation attorney I have learned one simple fact: all divorces are about money, in one way or another. Why? Because one of the main concerns divorcing couples have is that they will not be able to sustain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Other couples fear that they will not have the money they need to meet their daily, monthly and other financial obligations. Either way, you and your spouse are going to be faced with accommodations.

Because finances are at the center of almost every divorce, it is essential that you and your spouse bring these issues into the open and discuss them constructively.
The more you know about your finances the better off you will be. In fact, an engaged financial professional can clearly map out various scenarios that may best fit your particular situation. When you have clear information about your choices, you and your spouse can make educated and confident decisions.


Unraveling a family or a relationship can be very difficult. In my collaborative practice, we work with a divorce coach to stay engaged constructively until we reach an agreement that works for both of you. A divorce coach can help you and your spouse reach agreement without “pushing buttons” that are triggers for anger or hostility.


You will always be a parent. Divorce does not change that. In the many years I have been helping clients divorce, I have learned that most parents want the kind of post-divorce relationship that allows them to be present for the important events of their children’s lives – graduations, weddings etc. A child psychologist that is part of the collaborative practice team can steer you and your spouse in the right direction with co-parenting tools and come up with a parenting plan that works will work in the day-to-day rhythms and routines of your new family life.


In collaborative practice each spouse has an attorney to counsel and support them through the divorce process. I view the basic instruction provided by attorneys as “Divorce 101.” Your lawyers can guide you through the process and work with your spouse’s attorney as well as other professionals in a way that provides all the information you need to make the best possible choices for you and your family and stay out of court.

As a practicing divorce mediation attorney I make the following commitments to you and your spouse:
• I will listen carefully to your needs and desires
• I will Explain and clarify anything you don’t understand.
• I will explain current laws and procedures in California.
• I will stay calm and rational even when you may be filled with emotion
• I will provide you with settlement options after learning about your specific needs.
• I will file the necessary papers with the Court

I am the mediation attorney walnut creek who will walk you through the peaceful divorce process. To find out more about the services that I can provide for you, call me at 925-932-7026. Let today be the day that you get the comprehensive support you need to put you, your spouse and your family on a pathway toward healing.

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