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Yes, I loved Iron Man also. And of course Superman is wonderful and Spider Man and Bat Man are also superheroes. But what about a dude named Hancock? If you haven't seen the surprise hit of 2008, Hancock, starring Will Smith, you definitely should go out and rent it now.

The movie was very much unlike any other superhero movie ever made. Usually, when we see superheroes, they are clean and well groomed (I always wondered how Superman is supposed to shave or take a haircut though, since his hair should be just as impervious to anything else, wouldn't it automatically break any razor that was applied to it?), they always seem to know just the right thing to do and they always look dashing in their tight outfits.

It all makes me feel like just once, maybe we should have a superhero who is overweight. Well, with Will Smith in Hancock, we got the next best thing, or rather worse thing, or rather, well something different anyway. Hancock is a drunken, homeless bum who is also blessed with super powers. He goes and tries to be a hero, saving people, but then destroys half of downtown Los Angeles, causing people to hate him and to dread his arrival.

The man doesn't have any clue who he is or why he's there and he calls himself Hancock because a fan asks him to sign his "John Hancock."

Then, one fine day, Will Smith as Hancock goes and rescues a man (Jason Bateman) who is a media consultant. The man is down on his luck himself, but sees a golden opportunity with Hancock. It's a chance for him to rehabilitate the superhero and turn him into someone the public could love (earning himself a place at the side of the man of the hour of course).

I don't want to give away the whole story if you haven't seen the film yet, but trust me, it's a great movie and well worth the rental to see Will Smith playing Hancock. He really is just wonderful in the film.

Oh, and for fans who have already seen it, there is still no word on the possibility of Will Smith in a new Hancock movie. He has indicated he wants to do it and the Internet Movie Database does say that the movie is in development with a 2012 release date, but there is simply no word beyond that. We'll just have to wait and see.

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