WiiU innovative new work, Zelda HD a new legend green hat

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In this exhibition WiiU Nintendo game demo works, Zelda HD is undoubtedly one of the highest degree of concern. Link and Princess Zelda green hat story sung for many years, this high quality of Nintendo first-party action adventure puzzle masterpiece again and again also received industry awards and recognition of the player.
WiiU full function,new wii accessories kit and evolution of high-definition touch screen to handle the enormous creativity of this legendary work more likely. I believe many players, like me, want to know what The Legend of Zelda met WiiU, given rise to what will spark it! OK, then let us through a demo video from IGN's real, to understand simple Under this "Zelda HD" picture of it!
Strictly speaking, this exhibit so-called "Zelda" work and can not be called a game, it is only a game demo only. It can be seen from the video game screen on the TV screen and the handle is not the same on the screen. TV shows the game in a BOSS battle scenes (unfortunately, not the actual control of the elements), and the handle of the screen showed scenes of the game's maps and three function buttons.

The left side of the virtual keys to adjust lighting in the scene, or switch the day and night, pressed the TV screen will be displayed in the scene instantly switch, under the window during the day and the scene of the spot and diffuse radiation, micro-torch candle night scene light, rendering the overall environment excellent light performance is very Baqun. In fact, this small function is to function, the screen display there.
The upper right side of the virtual keys to control the scene view of the switch by touching virtual keys on television in the long-term perspective, close-range in several directions and different gear change. The bottom right button is to achieve a wii fit accessories TV screen on the touch screen display output on the handle, the handle can be seen on the screen of the original TV BOSS battle scenes, while the TV screen to display the original picture, but the right half shows the location need to handle the original scene shown in the map screen. Also you can see from the video game screen displayed on two screens simultaneously on the rate is still very high, at least in the video can not see the slightest delay or slow down.

With WiiU Baqun the function, Zelda HD for the players to bring a first-class visual effects scenes details of the deal well, very delicate modeling, lighting effects are also praised. Smooth action figures, the number of frames should also be guaranteed.
Finally, the demo we were also briefed on the new controller's touch, the top of the double-slider and 3DS similar, only with a lower key Nintendo Arrows + ABXY inherent design, although the key is relatively small, but the overall catch grip is very comfortable.
Recently, Nintendo's legendary game producer Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview that the media Kotaku, the new Zelda game (WiiU) will feature some new and interesting elements, try a different gaming experience, somewhat similar to Nintendo during E3 in the form of participating Demo (dual output and switching the screen, touch-screen map display, environmental operations, etc.)
"WiiU is Nintendo's first HD platform, this platform we hope to create a true high-definition Zelda game," Iwata said. "You can see many classic elements will be preserved, but there are many new and interesting new elements, new work will be composed of two parts."
In addition to the new Zelda for Iwata also broke the news that wii sports accessories WiiU touch screen handles the built-in web browser, easy for users to access websites.
Although we do not know the new Zelda corresponding WiiU works when it will meet with the players, but I'm sure to believe, for the overall evolution of the new Zelda will not let you down! You can go to my blog always see the latest Wii information!

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