Why Was Osama Bin Laden Really Buried So Shortly After His Death?

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An article asking the questions which nobody seems willing to answer regarding the real reason why Osama Bin Laden was buried out at sea before his body could be shown to the media. It seeming as if some people are too busy congratulating themselves to take time out from the standard rhetoric to answer any real questions regarding Osama bin Laden’s burial.

Yesterday, I wrote an article claiming that burying Osama bin Laden’s body out at sea was a really bad idea so soon after his death without first showing it to the media as proof of his death. This even if it kept in line with Islamic laws or practices of having to bury a body out at sea within 24 hours which in fact would have given the United States ample time to show the body to the media before disposing of it in the manner which they eventually did.

I however for my part found it strange that a body would have to be buried at sea so shortly after death. After all, I imagine some Muslims do not live anywhere near a sea or an ocean which would make it most difficult to do anything of the sort let alone within 24 hours after death. Of course, taking in to consideration the cost of such a burial, specially for those who live far away from the ocean. I however just thought to myself that perhaps such is Muslim tradition. I at the time not really knowing what it was though I had heard something regarding bodies having to be buried facing in the direction of Mecca but this again was something I was not really sure of.

This morning however I woke up to see that somebody had commented on my article that such was not the case with Islamic law. This person adding that if anything burying a body out at sea was not permitted under Islamic law. At this point, I started wondering as to what Islamic law really was which prompted me to search the internet for information to confirm what this person had told me. It was then that I found out that in fact, according to Islamic law burying a body out at sea is not the way to go about it. I did read however that such a practice can be accepted but only in the extreme case that the person might have died at sea which clearly was not what occurred with regards to Osama bin Laden.

All of which leading me to ask the question which a lot of people seem to be asking or at least on my website which is “Why was Osama bin Laden really buried out at sea so shortly after his death and before his body could be shown to the media?”. It was obviously not in an attempt to keep with Islamic law which even forbids such a practice. This basically meaning that Americans either got it completely wrong with regards to Islamic tradition or perhaps that the reason we were given was but a bad cover up to hide the real cause as to why Osama bin Laden’s body was not shown to the media. In all this, I also wonder and I see that I am not alone in this; who gave the order for Osama bin Laden’s body to be disposed of in such a way?

Naturally, a lot of this will only lead to speculation that Osama bin Laden might be still alive or that he was not killed by American forces but perhaps died earlier and this is but a way to make it seem that he was killed by American forces. After all, it is a strange story that he was supposedly living in a place in a big city so close to a military installation and that the government of Pakistan supposedly knew nothing about it.

I also wonder how much next year’s presidential election plays a part in all this, specially given that the democrats did not really do so well in last year’s mid term election. I in all this remember back in 92 when Abimael Guzman was captured in Peru, it did serve the then Peruvian President; Fujimori as a platform under which he was elected to a second term in office. This making me wonder if Obama will use this killing which I am beginning to question ever took place as a way to get votes in next year’s presidential election. This being just as Fujimori did in Peru with the capture of Abimael Guzman. This also given the fact that the economic recovery which Obama talked about has not really happened the way he promised it would be back in 2008.

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