Why is Hulu like Frankensteins monster? Because its creators want it dead

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Hulu the mega successful, trendy and hip website that has opened the doors for a new online TV audience, may be getting too successful for its creators liking.
Hulu which has just been announced as the second most popular video website after Youtube has been in the news a lot these last few months. Whilst most of the news was of how successful it is becoming. There have been some negative stuff happening around the website also. In January, episodes of a popular TV show called ‘It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' were dropped from their schedule. This was met by howls of derision from its viewers.
When you look deeper, the decision to remove the show was down to a request from the networks! Hulu themselves want as much good quality content online so their audience will continue to explode. Then came the Boxee debacle and removal of Hulu content from said device. This was also at the request of Hulu's content providers.

The free tv creation is becoming a monster, there are several cable companies such as Time Warner and Comcast that have to pay for the shows they broadcast and for them to see this jumped up website showing said shows for free is not going down too well. Then there is the knock on effect of lost DVD sales and even more enemies of Hulu are forming.
Add to this mix the fact that Hulu tv content may well be going international and it is all starting to get out of control for the puppetmasters.
However the monster has been created now. Everyone knows that if Hulu were to shut down, then everyone would still hunt down free tv shows. Using P2P software, torrent sites or other dubious means. The content providers need to understand they can never have things all their own way ever again. Its time to compromise or they will go the way of the TV dodo.

If you give something for free, then nobody will want to take it, right? It seems so if you look at the findings from anti piracy group BayTSP. They are showing a dramatic drop in the piracy rankings of the USA. Down from first position to fourth. And the reason for the drop seems to be free tv website Hulu.

So at a time when pirating content. Movies, software or music has never been easier to do, is the downloading dropping?
The answer appears to become clear when you look at the success of online tv website Hulu. In March of this year, Hulu showed a massive 42 million videos and this number continues to grow. There seems to be a direct correlation with the drop in piracy and the rise in watching movies/tv shows online.
In the past, if you as a viewer wanted to watch 24 then you either brought the DVD, signed up to a pay TV service or downloaded from a torrent site. Now this and many other hit TV episodes can be found on a catch up tv service.
This shows the tv content industry that piracy can be defeated. The downside is that the only way of doing this is to give it away. If a way can be found to generate enough revenue by using this model, then we have reached a Utopia. But life is never that simple, is it?

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