Whose Number Is This

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You know the drill: You see a number on the caller ID when you walk in the door and you're wondering “who's number is this?” Is it important? A crank call? A telemarketer? Didn't I sign up for that do not call thing where they're not supposed to call? You start to panic and wonder if it's your kid calling from a police station or maybe it's your long lost love, the girl that you met 20 years ago, who went and looked up your number and wants to have a fling?

What to do? Well, you could call the number back of course, but that's not always a good idea. I mean after all, what if the number really is that hot girl you knew way back when (or even worse, that hot girl you met in a bar when you told the wife you were working late). The last thing you need is for the number to show up on your dialed calls list (remember when life was easy and there was no such thing as caller ID and dialed calls – back when the idea of touch tone phones was still something new and you actually had to pay extra for the service?).

Never fear, there is a way to answer that nagging question, “who's number is this.” You can simply use one of the many services on the Internet to allow you to look up the name and even address of the person. It's called Reverse Number Lookup and there are both paid and unpaid options for the service. One choice that I personally like to use is from a small company called “anywho.” These folks offer their service for free to all comers online at www.anywho.com/rl (the rl stands for reverse lookup – a fancy way of saying that you are looking up a name and address based on a number instead of the more common looking up a number based on a name and address).

When you punch a number into anywho's service, it will search the databases of thousands of telephone directories and come back within seconds with a name and address of the company who called you. I've found that several telemarketers called me and avoided the annoying call back and also found my bank had called me to ask about suspicious charges on my credit card, which I was very happy I took the trouble to look up and call them back (another reason by the way to use the service is that directly calling back some of these numbers will not get you anywhere since you cannot call them directly – they are only outgoing lines). So the next time that annoying question pops up, “who's number is this,” you'll know exactly what to go and do.

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