When it is a Free Call Facility, It is Bound to be VOIP

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There were times when people used to count the number of seconds while making the telephonic calls to the other countries. The focus was as much on the moving hands of the clock as was on the talk since every ticking second meant that the telephone bill is going up. But, you can be a lot more relaxed now, thanks to the computer-based telephony, called the voice over internet protocol or the VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL). This is also called the internet telephony since the voice travels over the internet wires to the person at the other end. Since it costs abysmally less or nothing to make the voice travel from PC to PC, the calls are free of cost.

The free calls can be made, from one PC to the other, irrespective of the location of the person. Whether there is a difference of thousands of kilometers between two people or they are sitting in adjacent rooms, the PC-to-PC free call is very much possible.

It has always been a wish of the people that they interact with their distant relations and friends without entailing huge telephonic bills. By using the VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) calling medium they can not only make the calls at significantly reduced prices but can also make free overseas call provided certain conditions are met. They would be requiring an internet connection and a VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) telephony software into the computer for this purpose. Similarly, the other person shall be having the same service provider software downloaded. Both of them shall also be having accounts in that software to be able to make free international call.

This functionality can be taken wherever there is internet connectivity. Therefore, if you are having the internet connection even in your mobile, it can be used to make the free call to any other person using the same.

If you do not have this facility in your mobile or in your home or office, then there is an international calling facility which can be provided by the intermediaries as well. You will have to make a telephone call from your normal telephone landline to that intermediary who will connect you line to the VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) route for making the international calls. This may not be a free service and might require some nominal charges to be made for the same.

However, some of the intermediaries might also provide you this connectivity free of cost by using a loophole provided by the mobile service provider. The mobile service providers generally provide the free calling minutes to the subscribers for the local calls. This is done to ward off the competition from the other service providers. However, the companies advertising for the free overseas calls facility make use of this beneficial feature to provide this free international call service. They would use these free local minutes to connect with their VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) services and then route the call to international destination through the VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL). The customer will not have to pay anything since he would have called a local number whereas his call gets routed to the overseas destination.

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