What Will Happen To The World If Global Warming Continues?

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If global warming continues a lot of changes will happen to the world. There are already some changes happening because of global warming. It's too late to try and completely stop global warming. Sea levels are already rising, forcing many animals to try and find new homes. Sounds like our economy..

Scientists studying the climate still cant agree on how fast the earth will warm or how warm it could get. However they all agree the earth is getting warmer and temperatures will keep rising if global warming continues.

Global warming is caused when fossil fuels like oil and coal are burned in cars and factories, causing gas to escape in to the air. Also cutting down trees will cause global warming to continue. Trees help convert one of these greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide, back into oxygen.

If global warming keeps getting worse like experts predict, certain species of plants and animals could become extinct. Storms will get worse causing more flooding. Sea levels will rise above land so much whole islands could vanish. Other areas will be so dry that it'll be impossible to farm.

Global warming is not an easy problem to fix. Scientists and government officials still cant agree on what should be done to fix it.

One issue they cant agree on is energy waste. Everyone agrees it's a bad thing.. But some think the government should impose tougher energy laws, while others think business owners should be responsible for controlling energy waste.

Many states and businesses are tired of waiting for the US government to do anything, so they have taken the problem into their own hands.

If global warming continues who knows what will happen to the world. Find out what will happen in 2012.

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