What People Do Not Know About Islamic Fascism

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Most people know about Fascism and associate it with Mussolini or Hitler in some sense, although few understand about Islamic Fascism and how it relates to the Koran. In most Islamic countries, other religions, ideas and anything that opposes Islam is repressed if not outright outlawed. Most of these countries are ruled by leaders who use threats as well as laws to make certain that there is no breach in the religious conduct of the public.

In the United States, for example, there is a cry of Fascism with regard to Christianity. The far left decried George W. Bush as a Fascist because he tried to give power to federal laws regulating marriage between one man and one woman. They accused him of creating a fascist state, despite the fact that the law did not come to pass. Islamic Fascism, in the United States and how it relates to the Koran, however, is far more subtle. Schools are intimidating students into not wishing each other Merry Christmas because this offends Muslims. As the Muslim population in the United States continues to grow, an increasing number of restrictions are placed in public schools that take federal and state funds that negate Christianity but promote Islamic teachings.

In the Middle East, Islamic Fascism is on the rise in many different countries, many of which were secular at one time. A good example of this is Iran, which was once considered Persia. When the Shah left in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution, Islamic Fascism came into play. Islam was now not only practiced in this once secular nation, but The Koran became the new law with the religious leaders being those in control. Western ideas and influences were tossed out and Islam became the driving influence of the culture. Laws prohibited women from being seen without covering themselves, including Western tourists.

In the Middle East today, Islamic Fascism is on the rise, but those who say anything about it in the west and pointing out the obvious are accused of being racist or intolerant of others. The recent upheaval in Egypt is expected to bring about Islamic rule. Other countries in the Middle East are all following suit as well. A great many people feel as though the Muslim Brotherhood is behind a great deal of the revolutions that are taking place in this region of the world, which has long since been unstable.

The Koran teaches those to accept Islam and has no tolerance for any other religion. Critics of Christianity will quickly point out that the Bible basically does the same thing and points to one way and one way only when it comes to religion. The difference is that there are no western cultures in which the Bible is considered the founding document for law. However, in many Islamic countries, the Koran is considered the basic premise for all laws regulated in the countries. Those who do not follow the religious laws in many of these nations, including Saudi Arabia, can be punished by death for not believing in Islam or not following the religious dictates in the holy book.

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Those who want to learn about Islamic Fascism only have to watch how many of the Islamic countries are run by leaders who feel it is right to kill someone for not practicing Islam or following The Koran. To learn more go to Western Civilisation.

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