What Is LED 3D TV?

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3D TV Content

2010 was an important year for 3D TV, 3D movies and 3D sport. Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc., has called the 3D revolution “the greatest innovation that’s happened for the movie theaters and for moviegoers since color.”

3D TV is a new innovation which was pioneered by Sky Television and DirecTV. DirecTV now offers three 3D channels, Sky offers one channel in thee UK and a joint venture between Sony and IMAX is scheduled to debut in early 2011.

Lack of 3D content was once an issue for 3D ready television owners however, with the introduction of numerous television channels and a multitude of 3D Blu-Ray discs scheduled for 2011, the future is looking bright for 3D TV.

As content is no longer an issue, how does 3D television work?

How Does A 3D TV Work?

In order for us to see depth, images from our left and right eyes merge into one. In order to create a 3D effect, TVs must refresh the picture at least 120 times a second, alternating frames for the left and right eye.In conjunction with 3D glasses, this tricks your brain into seeing one 3D image image. The majority of new televisions are capable to do this, but to be 3D Ready, TVs must include a converter chip and software to separate the left and right images.

Active-shutter glasses, rapidly block one eye at a time in order for each eye to see the correct frame for the corresponding eye. The glasses and television communicate via a infrared pulse from the TV to the Active-shuttle glasses.

Can I watch 2D on a 3D TV?

Absolutely. All 3D TV models play both 2D and 3D television. 3D-capable TVs do not sacrifice 2D image quality, so even if you intend to watch 99-percent of your programming without glasses, you shouldn’t think twice about buying a 3D TV.

Will I absolutely need 3D glasses?

Every 3D TV today, requires glasses to produce a 3D effect. Please note that glasses are not required when watching 2D content.

Do I need a special Blu-ray player for those 3D Blu-ray discs?

Yes you will need a special Blu-Ray player in order to watch 3D Blu-ray discs however, many online companies are supplying a 3D Blu-Ray player free when you purchase a 3D Tv.

Sony recently issued an update for their Playstation 3 which allows all Playstation 3 consoles to play 3D Blu-Rays and 3D games.

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