What Causes Nail Polish Bubbles

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Hails are like magical white small ice cubes that fall from the sky at a certain time of the year. They are brought on by strong droughts from freezing clouds. When talking about hail, we can talk about bubbles especially those bubbles related to nail polish. Ladies treat their nails like their hair, they can't go out of the house it. Nails and fingers can make or break a lady's hand. For fashion addicted people around the world, a light bump on their nail like a bubbly nail polish can make them upset.

Hail forms and falls during a thunderstorm also but there are some conditions that must be met before hail can grow large and heavy enough to fall on the ground. These conditions are that there must be tall clouds higher above the atmosphere, violent updrafts such as a tornado and a freezing temperature underneath the storm.

Hailstone begins from a nucleus of ice which then turns into a chain of freezing cold water. This water turns into a ball of snow much later. The center of the hail is called a graupel. Hail continues to ball up and melts in the thick of a thundercloud until it turns into rain. During this process, this ball of ice gets smashed by other graupels. If a piece of it scatters in a storm cloud, it results in another likely nucleus for a hailstone.

The reasons why nail polish bubbles are quite few and clear like shaking the container before polishing the nails, doing a very thick application, nail polishing inside a hot room and coating before drying.

The sizes of hails are different. They may be as small as pinheads and as big as softballs. Sometimes the outer layers are seen melting when hail blends with other warmer snow, rain or atmospheric liquid. Besides giving visual pleasure, hail also gives an inside look at how thunderstorms are formed. This way helps the meteorologists in understanding how storms grow.

When talking about nail polish bubbles, if very thick nail polish is spread, it picks up air bubbles quickly. If the room has high temperature, air particles spread out and the nail polish naturally absorbs those forming bubbles. If the first coat of nail polish is not dried and another is applied leaves space for air forming bubbles.

For applying nail polish without air bubbles, there is no need to go to a stylist and one can do it at home without problem. Simple steps can be followed like, rolling the nail polish container forward and backward, putting a thin undercoat which will make the varnish stick stronger, applying the next coat when the first one has completely dried up, the load of the brush load should be thin enough for making light strokes, the last coating should not be blown up and it should be dried at room temperature, nail polish should not be used in opening plastic containers so that the nail polish will not come off.

Although most hailstorms are not very dangerous to lives and property but it may get to a point where it could hurt a person physically. It's better to take cover when it hails.

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