What Are Prepaid Or No Contract Cell Phones

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No contract cell phones, or as they are more often called, prepaid cellphones are simply phones that a person loads minutes on to use the mobile phone. If a person runs out of minutes to use the phone they just go to a store to buy more minutes. Here is a brief look of what a person can use these for mobile phones for.

When the word no contract is used in anything, it means there is no time to use the service. For example, the Internet, cable, or using a mobile cell phone usually requires one. Most of the time there is a one or two year contract for brand new service to use a cell phone.

When prepaid no-contract cell phones came out, the big dog companies really weren’t on board with it. This was competition and they wanted all the big money. Roping consumers into believing they had to sign a contract. Also, most of us have bad credit and couldn’t qualify for a contract plan anyway.

So, little companies got smart and started providing prepaid or no-contract cellphones. No worries about bad credit, no worries of not using up all the minutes every month they would lose, no overage charges if they went beyond their minute limit, and even out of coverage area charges were eliminated.

Now, a person just goes to the store and buys a phone that has different packages that includes minutes and when a person should add some to keep the account active. Because of the prepaid cell phones, it broke the door down and changed the big companies way of thinking.

They saw it backfired on them and it was a great idea to the masses of people. So, now all the big cell phone companies have made divisions for prepaid phone services to compete with all the others out there. They have kept up with consumer demands with now adding MP3 players, the Internet, email, cameras, and so much more.

A prepaid no contract cell phone can even save businesses money as prices have come down on these services. If a phone is not used all the time, no worries about a monthly bill for the same amount every month.
Most of these phones are not traceable so this can help with the military out on missions or government business. This is great for your teenager that wants to talk nonstop to teach how to conserve time and money.

What about mom and dad? They live alone and drive alone. This prepaid phone is used as an emergency. They have the peace of mind of the home phone. But, the kids teach them to have it in the car if they break down, go outside alone, if they go take a shower, they always have such phone with them at all times. This is ideas on having Diabetes, falling down, or even losing track where they are! The phone number is set to speed dial.

In closing there is a huge number of reasons why its important to have a prepaid no contract cell phone instead of a basic home telephone service.

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