Weight Loss Diets - Why They Are Only A Quick Fix

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Let’s face it losing weight is not easy, if it were everyone would be thin. The reality is that you need to be committed, consistent and persevere at ensuring you keep the weight off. Many diets are designed to help you lose weight however, they are not very effective at keeping the weight off. That is why it is so common to see many people who have had a success with a certain diet put the weight back on again at a faster rate than when the lost it. People find themselves in a vicious circle going from one diet to another with basically the same results.

The only way that people will effectively lose weight and keep it off is to shift their way of thinking away from the diet as their only solution to their problem. A change in eating habits is not enough as it requires a combination of other factors. It requires a lifestyle change that includes what and how you eat and the physical activities that you do, how you have fun and the relationships you have. All these factors and more contribute to how healthy you are or will be. Focusing on one aspect is not enough.

Actually dieting is an unnatural thing, because it really means that you are depriving yourself. In a way it is a form of denial. With most diets you have to eat a specific set of foods consistently over a long period of time. By the end of the first week most people cannot bear the thought of eating another tub of low fat yoghurt and a stick of celery.

The reality is diets are nothing but a quick-fix. They are part of a society that demands instant results. The thing about quick fix’s is that they do not produce lasting results. Diets come with a fixed period. After the goal is achieved that is it. There is no follow through about what happens next. That is why many people put the weight back on soon after they have successfully completed the diet. If I was being cynical, I could say this is being deliberately done to sell you another dieting product.

There is this belief among most people that they have to change the food they eat for a certain period until they lose weight. When they have reduced their weight they go back to their old eating habits and blame the diet for not working. The next thing they do is look for another diet and the cycle continues. This is what is known as the yo-yo diet syndrome. This is a very unhealthy habit which can lead to serious health complications in the long term.

The most effective way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight is to change your lifestyle to one that includes a healthy balanced diet and plenty of physical activities.

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