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Before the finale, was the amazing episode called 'Half Measures'. However, the finale called ‘Full Measure', was the icing on the cake, and gave full excitement before leaving the third season. As the second season left the plot for the third season, similarly third season left the plot for fourth season. So, before moving on to the next season, watch Breaking Bad finale.
Talking of the finale of the show, as usual, the plot was full of twists and tense moments. And when it comes to actors like Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, and a creator like Vince Gilligan, then anyone can be inclined to see the show.
The episode 'Full Measure' starts where Walt comes to Gus and gives him an option, between life and death. What makes Breaking Bad episodes worth watching, is the way the character portrays himself when he delivers the dialogue. No signs of stress, no fear and cool attitude were the USP of the episode.
There is no doubt, that Aaron Paul had a minor role of Jesse in the finale, but the way he carried his role was absolutely fantastic. The facial expressions, the way he cried before pulling the trigger, was the moment that made the people watch Breaking Bad online, even after the show had finished on TV.

The last episode of Breaking Bad takes us into a flashback, where Walt and Skyler are buying a house. In the entire season, people have seen Walter move further and further down the meth-rabbit hole. Now, he has accompanied Jesse on a moral bending trip that seems to be odd and pretty long.
When you watch Breaking Bad, you will find that Walt knew that Gus has made a plan to kill him, but neglecting that, he goes into the lab. He was confident enough that Gus would not kill him. He had an experience of handling Gus. Walt's life was at stake, and he had no time to think about acting on half measures let alone the full measure.
Well the episode ended at such a note, that people are desperately waiting to see what will happen next in Breaking Bad episodes.

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