Waste Management Green Solution For The Planet

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Waste management is the method of recycling, processing, transporting, collecting and disposing waste materials. It is related to materials those are created by the activity of human and it is implemented to lower done the effect on the environment, and health. In recovery of resources, waste management is used and is concerned on three states of matter or radioactive substances. There are many reasons for which this management is needed. It is true that you wont desire that waste lie near your office premises or home. It will be awful and will look stinky. When waste is left unnoticed, then it attracts germs, bacteria, termites and pests. There may be outbreak of hazardous diseases bring ill health symptoms to humans. It is also not safe to burn pile waste materials, as it makes the air polluted and unsafe to environment.

There was a time, when the rate of population was too lower and all natural resources were negligible and controllable. At that time the impact of industrialization was too low and there were less output of waste products. For this, humans have never thought or believed in waste management system. Turning back the pages of time, you can know that in eighteen century industrial revolution started. Lots of people migrated to big cities and towns for work. There was a huge rise in human expenditure and also the multiple of waste product. The increase of waste brought serious diseases like typhoid, cholera, plague and other illness.

Due to the rise of earth population, the volume of waste product is on growth. For this many scientist have brought up latest technologies and inventions to recuperate waste resources that can be reused. There are many developed countries those have high-tech methods to convert waste calorific into electricity. There are good devices for extracting recyclable wastes, so that it could be disposed easily. The work recycling is totally based on waste management. When we mean recycling, we are quite aware that our daily waste will be reused in the right manner.

There are various products those are thrown away unused into the recycle bin and these are collected and recycled into new matters. There are also electronic wastes those are send to big plants, where it is recycled and metals like copper and gold are extracted from it. Breakdown automobiles and their various parts are used for various purposes. Different automobile spare parts are sent to factory for re-conversion. Some of the most important waste management techniques are Landfill, Incineration, Composting, Mechanical Biological treatment, Pyrolysis and Gasification. Therefore, waste management is the only solution to make this earth green.

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