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Recent years, domestic Projector Market staged a vigorous price war. 2009 market average three years ago, in 2006 just dropped by half. While large-scale decline in the price of three years, sales of the projector market grew nearly twice as much. Estimated 2009 annual market sales of more than 750,000 units, up about three times in 2006.

Although longitudinal data projector products in comparison has a very nice tables and reports. However, considering the same period, other display Technology Market solutions and progress, especially LCD flat panel display products in the market growth rate, the projector industry, the development looks a little unambitious. Similarly, from 2006 to 2009, the average price of domestic flat-panel market products declining more than 50%, but the market Sell Size but never three million units, up to 2009 anticipated more than 23 million units, sales and marketing profit also surged several times.

Flat industry performance data is not only a surge in the quality of performance and more balanced structure. Business flat panel display market over the past three or four years has experienced a nearly negligible, to grow into an independent process industries. Meanwhile, the LCD flat panel display is also a breakthrough to 30 inches as the leading pattern of small size, the market expanded to 50-inch and 60-inch level. Currently, three years ago, a rare 55-inch class LCD TV Price, but 89 thousand dollars, and 50-inch plasma TV is only 5 thousand dollars. Cheap flat panel display product mix to the large size of the market trend of the transition, is also considered to contribute to flat as an independent business billions of dollars in sub-industry level of an important factor.

Plate and the projector over the past few years, market developments, like two athletes at the same time accelerating Run: Although all the more run faster, but the speed difference is very obvious?? Projection is increasingly falling behind. Although the performance of flat growth in the domestic market does not pose a threat to the projector industry, but in the flat panel industry's growth is increasingly dependent on the context of large-size market, as the traditional program of large-size display projector industry, we have "a suspense . "

If a client made assumptions: meet 10 to 30 people conference room (classroom) shows the solution. Required to achieve high-definition, widescreen, and good results under lights, viewing distance 3-6 meters. Faced with such a customer, should provide what product? Wide-screen high-definition projector, 7 80 inches Projection screen , Sound system; or just a simple five-60 inches of flat-panel TV?

Two systems are cost-effective, the obvious advantages of flat-panel TVs have occupied, display performance, aesthetics are unmatched projection products, while also more convenient in application. Projector as the center of the program, the only advantage is only on the larger screen size, and in widescreen HD projector prices will in any event more than 6000 yuan, with the screen, Speaker Prices will not significantly lower than 55 inches liquid crystal, but rather higher than the 50-inch plasma products?? Projector "cheap" solution for large-sized crown of three pearl: "cheap," "poor quality" and " big screen, "leaving only a half teeth" big screen "of the" big "the.

The above example of this case, it is the business market, corporate conference room market "sales," one of the largest applications. Over the past few years, the bloody price cuts projector products are mainly to gain market share and scale of this growth. However, if the performance of customer products to make some basic requirements: widescreen, high definition, projector product advantages are more less the poor flat-panel TV. However, Notebook , Desktop computer high-definition widescreen LCD monitors all of the background, customers want the meeting can be synchronized high-definition display system, widescreen format and can not be said to be excessive demands, or high standards.

Why, then, and high-definition widescreen projector in the popularity of the so far behind? In my opinion, this is the different ways of thinking upstream firms due. Flat-panel TVs Ye Hao, notebook, desktop PC LCD monitors Ye Hao, they are all upstream LCD panel. LCD panel industry is not only the projector does not exist, or DMD chip, 3LCD chip, only one of monopoly enterprises; while LCD panel industry is a veritable IT Product: In this industry, "Moore's Law" is one of the fundamental laws of the market.

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