VOIP Solutions: For Improving Business Strategies

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The office phone system is a powerful communication tool, yet most business owners donít carefully consider which phone system can improve their business capabilities. For small to medium sized businesses, phone systems are often central to operations, keeping suppliers, customers and partners connected. A phone system that allows business travelers and satellite offices to stay connected to the main office and clients is a valuable asset that can greatly enhance productivity and boost the companyís bottom line. If oneís business is in Boston, Massachusetts then it is in a constant struggle to control overhead. VOIP solutions Massachusetts allows a business to take advantage of future application development and is available to assist one through it all. VOIP has been garnering much ink over the last year and is currently one of the hottest segments of the industry.

With this technology, voice traffic is routed over the internet or intranet with no billing at all for some long distance calls and just local charges for others. More important is that it all happens behind the scenes and is transparent to the user. VOIP solutions handle external and internal calls differently. This system sends fax as well as other information over standard telephone network. VOIP solutions Massachusetts employs session control protocols to control the set up and tear down of calls as well as audio codecs which encode speech allowing transmission over an IP network as digital audio via an audio stream. The codec varies between different VOIP implementations.

VOIP business solutions are fairly straightforward instead of using circuit switched technology where a dedicated path from caller to receiver is reserved for their entire conversation, VOIP phone systems treat voices as data, turning oneís words into tiny packets of information that are sent over data networks. As they arrive at the receiving end, the data is turned back into audio. The biggest advantage of these business solutions is for companies with multiple locations. With VOIP, all offices on a LAN or WAN can get the benefits of having a common office phone system including extension dialing, seamless call transfers and all other system features.

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