Interim CEO

Recruting an Interim CEO

CEO Recruitment from Exec Capital

Even companies with succession plans in place can find themselves suddenly without a CEO. Whether it’s an unexpected resignation, career change, or a leadership restructuring, there are dozens of reasons why a company may need to immediately fill the role of CEO with an interim appointment.

Interim CEOs oversee the business for a limited time, often assigned with a specific project in mind. An interim CEO may be tasked with driving company growth, entering new markets, or simply stabilising the ship after a sudden departure. Companies appoint interim CEOs as a strategic move in a transitional role until a permanent appointment can be made.

Exec Capital’s goal is to build leadership teams and partnerships that transform businesses and accelerate growth across all sectors, including recruiting interim CEOs for companies needing immediate starts. The team at Exec Capital are your personalised executive recruiters with access to industry-leading talent, including interim CEOs and senior executives.

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