Vibram Five Fingers And The Benefits of Wearing Them

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One of the most unique shoe designs ever are the Vibram Five Fingers shoes. You might find them funny looking or even odd when you first see these unusual shoes. Some people often refer to them as gloves for your feet. Apart from their "funny look" there is a large amount of science that has been put into these shoes.

The idea behind the Vibram Five finger shoes is that it is better for you and more natural to run barefoot than to run in a pair of constricting shoes that people generally use. People who have a pair and have experienced the benefits of these shoes prefer the more natural movement that they provide as you walk.

Vibram five finger shoes literally feel and look like gloves for your feet, even wide feet. Each one of your toes is housed in an individual sleeve like gloves for your hands. Unlike other running shoes there is no padding in the shoes. The reasoning behind this is to provide minimal interference between your feet and the ground your running on.

There is some science to support this. Many people do not need the support and artificial form of a typical shoe. These people believe that this can lead to both foot problems and leg problems. The idea is to return to a natural method of movement.

The common belief is that the human foot is designed perfectly. By putting on a sneaker running shoes you change the position and the stress points on the bottom of your feet. This is actually creating an undesirable situation for your feet.

Even though you're not able to run on a pristine beach or lawn all the time, your feet will still need some protection. The Vibram five fingers are more concerned about protecting your skin and not so concerned with provide arch support. The five finger shoe fans believe that the foot is sufficiently designed to protect itself and doesn't really need arch support when going barefoot.

When wearing typical sneakers you lose a lot of your balance and agility. Much of this is sacrificed for the sake of "cushion". Many people ask themselves if the extra cushion is really that important.

Runners who have ran in Vibram Five finger Shoes find that their previous aches and pains with their previous sneakers disappear. People believe that by wearing these Vibram shoes is that it does not alter your normal gait. Your body has been perfectly designed and is not necessary to alter anything about it.

Flexibility is also a major benefit while wearing these shoes. These shoes allow you to maintain more control over the terrain over your typical sneaker. This is why running with these shoes provides you with major benefits like stability and control while running. Not to mention you are less likely to trip and fall.

This idea of running barefoot is not a new concept. Many countries have their athletes practice while running barefoot. These people understand that the natural arch of your foot is by far superior then the artificial arch of a sneaker running shoe.

Vibram five finger shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a more natural efficient way of running. However, it does take time to get used to these shoes. Make sure to take it easy the first couple of weeks you have them. Also it is vital to make sure you get a precise fit. Unlike other running shoes, Vibram Five Finger shoes require an exact fit. I would highly recommend going into a store and trying them on. Even if you buy them online it is still highly recommended that you try on a pair and find the right size. It has been said that the conversion chart that is found in the Vibram website is inaccurate.

I personally have a pair of these shoes and I can honestly say that they are the best pair of shoes that I have purchased. They are well worth the money and an excellent choice for running and a good all around shoe.


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