VHF Military Tactical Radios from AT Communication Intl

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Although new forms of communications equipment are playing a larger role in tactical and field communications, sometimes there is just no substitute for the old ways. Satellite communications equipment, while providing greater range, is ultimately unreliable. First, it requires a working satellite communications network, and secondly, a little bad weather can play havoc with the reception. For these reasons, and many others, VHF military tactical radios are still in use and in high demand today by for both military and civilian field operations.

Finding a quality dealer of VHF military tactical radios can be a challenge. It is not your standard neighborhood dealer of wireless communication equipment that sells such products. It is often more advantageous to look online for a company that will take orders for such equipment and take care to ship the exact products ordered at reasonable prices.

One of the most respected dealers of radio communications equipment is AT Electronic and Communication International. They are a both a distributor and manufacturer of communication equipment that operates worldwide. With offices in the U.S., South Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, AT Electronic and Communication has one of the largest networks for the sale of VHF military tactical radios.

AT Electronic and Communication Intl has a full line of military tactical radios, transceivers, and rebroadcast stations to fit every need. Some of their most popular products are as follows:

AT RF 1350 50 Watt VHF Mobile Package
This is a complete mobile package that operates with a maximum output of 50 Watts, but can be used at 0.2 Watts or 5 Watts, also. It is meant for vehicle installation and can be used in both wheeled and tracked vehicles. It uses a combination of the AT RF13 transceiver and the AT ZV13.1 amplifier, mounted vertically in either a lightweight non-cushioned frame or a spring-cushion frame. Channel selection can be made on the transceiver or on the handset, and it operates from a choice of modes: simplex or semiduplex. It has a minimum continuous operation time at 25 Watts of 30 minutes.

AT RF20 ECCM Handheld Multiband Transceiver Package
This handheld package provides both reliable and safe communications using TRANSEC and COMSEC standards under even the most demanding environmental conditions or situations. It can operate on a choice of frequency bands and can work in several different operation modes. It was originally designed for high mobility tactical units in all branches of the military where efficiency and lightweight communications are a requirement. The unit uses the LP1302 battery back, has a short 0.5 m antenna and a long 1.1 m antenna. It comes with a bag for the transceiver, the set, and the battery.

AT AR13.2 VHF Automatic Rebroadcast Station
This united uses 50 Watt power amplifier to automatically rebroadcast signals from a stationary base or vehicle. It effectively increases the operating range of standard AT RF13, RF20, and RF1301 transceivers in a full range of frequencies and operating modes.

For more information about these products and other VHF military tactical radios, visit the AT Electronic and Communication International website at http://at-communication.com/en/. You can browse through a full range of other electronics devices for sale and contact the company for prices and details.

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