Use the best Fire Proof Paint for Protection

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Fighting off fire through passive resistance is the best thing to do. You play smart, make structures at work and at home resistant toward fire and do not bother keeping an extinguisher somewhere. The fire proof paint helps you achieve this. It is a simple paint that you spray on wires which you wish to protect. You wait for the paint to dry and become thick. The spray completely envelopes circuits and wires, making them resistant to fire and ensuring they do not incinerate.

The fire proof paint is packed in pails. You are not supposed to mix it. A thick brush is prescribed for use to apply the paint on the designated items. Multiple layers of the paint on any item ensure the object stays protected from the effects of fire outbreaks. Flames find it very tough to spread on the coating, the fire proof paint playing guard till the arson squad arrives to drench the fire off.

The Albi Clad 800 is the best and most acclaimed fire proof paint sold in the market, categorically available at KBS Passive Fire. The solvent based Intumescent coating is applicable on steel, concrete and other similar construction material. You either spray it or roll it on the object to protect it from fire hazards for a long time. The substance demonstrates better qualities in comparison to similar products.

The Albi Clad 800 proudly boasts numerous ULI Listings, both under the E-119 category and the ULI 1709 category. It is listed as a substance for both exterior and interior fire proofing by Underwriters Laboratories. Its use spans commercial, environmental and institutional environments where conventional fireproofing is not thought of that highly.

It is a lightweight, thin film and hammer hard application following the contour of substrate. It has the capacity to knock off dusting, cracking, flaking and delimitation. It is a factory formulated single component resilient enough to withstand years of exterior weathering, vibration and abuse. Some of the best places where the Albi Clad 800 can be used include the likes of petrochemical and steel plants, power plants and dock facilities, offshore drilling plants and exterior commercial applications.

The substance is the best in the business and offers thorough gratification. Its application and efficacy remain unquestioned.

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