Use Art Materials To Start A New Career

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People that want to develop from an amateur artist to a professional painter must own quality art materials.

Every celebrated artist has particular paints that they are associated with, as Van Gogh was know for his oil paintings of sunflowers, while Thomas Gainsborough and William Blake were famous for their use of watercolours.

Before selecting a specific paint to purchase, it is important to understand which art materials to use as different brushes and canvases are more appropriate to certain paints.

If you prefer working with acrylic paints, like Max Ernst and Joan Miro, then you will know that they are fast drying and can be diluted but are resistant to water when they are dry.

Artists that typically use oil paints, such as Rembrandt and Titian, will be aware that they hold colour brilliantly but they can take many weeks to dry and are best suited to people who are comfortable working on canvases.

Gouache painters, like J.M.W. Turner and Victor Lensner, use techniques that are similar to watercolour artists but this paints dry quicker and have a matt finish compared to watercolour paints.

Once you know which paint is most appropriate to your abilities, then you will need to understand which art materials to use with them as unsuitable supplies can ruin the quality of a painting.

Paint brushes come in all shapes and sizes so understanding which ones are best for the painting you want to create is vital because using a bad brush will often result in bad art.

If you want to create a detailed painting with watercolours like Paul Signac, and Paul Cézanne then you will need to use a thin, fine brush and these are usually made of either sable or nylon.

Oil paintings that were created by artists such as Monet and Da Vinci used brushes that were made of bristle and sable so people that want to mimic these past masters should purchase these materials.

Acrylic paintings are made with brushes that are made of nylon, while most paint brushes have handles that are either made of wood or moulded plastic so you must select which ones suit you the most.

Now that you have bought all the best art materials then you will have to learn how to keep them if you are serious about a career as a professional artist as organising your supplies is crucial to the creative process.


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