Unwrap Your Ideal Man: Christmas Gifts for the Men in Your Life

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Okay, most men shudder at the mention of being a “metrosexual”. Even though the term simply means a man who is well groomed and versed in today’s fashion trends, the term may not carry the weight it should in your household. If you’re looking for a way to turn your rough and tumble guy into a well groomed hunk then pop some salon and day spa gift cards into his stocking – he’ll thank you for it. And you’ll thank you for it.

Popular Trends in Male Grooming

  1. Smooth Shaves: Rough, stubbly faces are a thing of the past. Invest in a good razor or a trip to the barber’s shop for a kissable mug.

  2. Slightly Scruffy Facial Hair: Didn’t I just say… Yep, you guessed it, if your guy simply can’t pull of a clean shaven look, make sure the facial hair he does have is sparse and scruffy. Grunge is back baby... but in moderation.

  3. Shorter Hair: Go for a short 50’s inspired do this year. Slick back his hair or part it on the side – just make sure you make it to the sock-hop on time!

  4. Natural Hair Colour: Highlights are a thing of the past for men (were they ever in style?) 2011 calls for a more natural man-look. Tell him to chuck the hair-dye and grow old gracefully.

  5. Anti-aging Treatments: More and more men are lining up to try and get rid of those crows feet and unsightly lines. Make him an appointment for microdermabrasion or an Oxygen Infusion treatment. He’ll never look better!

  6. Body Hair Removal: Whether he gets waxed, zapped or tweezed, those uni-brows have got to go! And while we’re on the subject of “manscaping”, book him in for a Manzilian to help him eliminate the “hair down there.”

  7. Spa Treatments: Your man may never book these for himself, but he’s sure to appreciate it nonetheless. Treat him to a mani-pedi, facial or face exfoliation. There’s no reason to waste that close shave on rough dry skin.

  8. All Natural Products: Today’s man is becoming more and more conscious of the harsh effects that chemicals washed down our drains have; not only on our Earth but also on our bodies.

  9. Manicure Sets: Let’s face it: long nails on a man are not attractive. For those “in-between spa visits” weeks, make sure he has a manicure set so he can keep his digits clean and well-tended.

  10. Day Spa Packages: If you think your guy needs the royal treatment, look into a day spa package for an all-in-one grooming experience. He may only do it once, but at least he’ll be pretty for a few weeks.

Lilly Gordon is a freelance web publisher and writer. she enjoys writing on a variety of topics and often frequents salons and day spas in Edmonton, where she currently resides.

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