Unlimited India Calling – Call Anytime & on Weekends too at a Flat Rate

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Calling your family and friends in India from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia just got cheaper and easy. The Unlimited India calling plan is managed by an enterprise that has years of experience in the telecommunication business. The unlimited calling service to India has filled a long standing need of the telecommunication market. With more and more Indians settling, working and studying in the US, there was an imperative need to provide cheaper calling services to help this community remain in touch with their loved ones without having to break their bank account.

There were services available which cashed in on the situation and charged inordinately higher rates. Ignorant customers were tricked into signing contracts that bound them to use such services for years. Tricky billing practices and complicated plans were all part of a deliberate scheme to fleece Indians who had no option but to give in to their ugly machinations.

The scenario has changed dramatically with the unlimited India calling plan. The endeavor of the service providers is to provide top quality services at rock bottom prices by using the latest state of the art telecommunications technology.

You can now get all your communication needs addressed under one single package – the Unlimited India calling. The days of signing up with multiple service providers to meet your calling requirements are well and truly in the past. You can now make unlimited, high quality calls to India and Canada from your existing land or mobile phone.

There are other packages such as unlimited cell phone service where you can call anywhere in the US along with unlimited calling to India and Canada and get a free handset as a part of the bargain. The package can also include high speed internet services and home phone line with a US number and a free phone adapter.

For those who need to make frequent phone calls to their family back in India, the unlimited package deal home phone and internet services in one flat rate per month is a huge bargain. The plan allows you to make any number of calls to Canada and India and also unlimited local and long distance calls in the USA. You get a free Wi-Fi enabled voice priority adapter including free activation.

There is a 30 day risk free trail offer available for those who want to give the plan a try. This is undoubtedly the best plan available to call your family and friends back home in India without getting caught in complicated minutes plan and other convoluted offers available from alternate service providers.

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Unlimited India Calling provides flat rate monthly service to call india unlimited from Cell phone or Home phone with highest quality. Call india from usa at lowest rate in the world from your home phone or cell phone.

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