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Getting an admission in one of the courses in UK is not easy. The student needs to know the top 10 universities of UK and what courses they offer along with the rules and regulations they need to abide by, to get an admission for a course in one of these universities. Here we have provided some information about the top 10 universities of UK, to guide the student to get into the right university and make their future worry-free.
University of Cambridge The oldest English teaching university in the world, the University of Cambridge, or the Cambridge University or Cambridge is a public research university located in Cambridge, UK. The university was formed in the year 1209, by the scholars who left Oxford after some dispute with the townsfolk. Apart from English, Cambridge University offers courses in Arts and Humanities, Clinical Medicine, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology. The academic year at Cambridge consists of 3 terms, the Easter term (from April to June), the Lent term (from January to March) and the Michaelmas term (from October to December).

London School of Economics The London School of Economics, or the London School of Economics and Political Science or LSE is a research university specialized in the social sciences. LSE was founded in 1895 and is a constituent college of the federal university of London. The university also offers courses in applied statistic, anthropology, actuarial science, economics, accounting and finance, geography, economic history, law, international relations, politics etc.
University of Oxford The second oldest English teaching university in the world, the University of Oxford, or the Oxford University or Oxford, was founded in 1096. This university has 38 colleges and 6 permanent private halls. These halls control the membership, their internal structure and activities. In Oxford, the academic year is divided into 3 terms, the Trinity (from April to June), Hilary (from January to March) and Michaelmas (from October to December). To get an admission in the Oxford University, one needs to apply through the UCAs application system.

Imperial College London Imperial College London, or the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, was a constituent college of the federal University of London till 2007. It offers 4 academic courses: Natural Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Business School. The university has 40 research institutes and departments. To get an admission into the Imperial College London you need to get an A grade in your high school and graduation. Additionally, you also need to get an A grade in Mathematics, if you wish to study any of the engineering courses from this university.
University of Durham University of Durham or the Durham University was founded in 1832 and is a public research university in Durham, England. It is known to be the third oldest university in England. The academic year in Durham University is divided into 3 terms, Easter (from April to June), Epiphany (from January to March) and Michaelmas (from October to December).
University of St Andrews Founded somewhere in between 1410 and 1413, University of St Andrews, or St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and is the third oldest English-teaching University, after Cambridge and Oxford. It is located on the east coast of Scotland in the St Andrews town. It is a well known research university as well.
University of Warwick University of Warwick, or the Warwick University or Warwick is a research university in Coventry, UK. It came into existence in 1965, when it was founded as a part if the government initiative to help students complete their higher education. The Warwick Medical School was developed in the year 2000. The university offers courses in Social Science, Science, Arts and Medicine. It has over 40 research institutes and 29 academic departments for all its faculties. You need to get an A grade to get into one of the courses from this university. Warwick provided accommodation for its international students, but this accommodation depends on the availability of the rooms. If the student wishes to get an off-campus accommodation, he can get it in the form of privately owned houses. These houses are managed by the university, but the student has to pay a commission charge for the same.
University College London Founded in 1826, University College London, also known as UCL, is a research university in London. Being the first university in London which admitted students, both men and women on equal terms, regardless their religion, it is the oldest and the largest constituent college of the federal London University. University College London became one of the founding colleges of the London University or University of London, as it is called, in 1836.Its main campus is located in Bloomsbury, but there are a lot of institutes, associated with UCL, located in central London. One of the UCL campuses is also placed in Doha, Qatar. Here conservation, museum studies and archaeology are taught to the students. Apart from these, UCL also offers courses in Medicine and is associated with lot of medical schools and hospitals in UK. Getting an admission for a course in the University College London requires you to have A grade in your high school and graduation.
University of Lancaster The University of Lancaster or the Lancaster University is a British University motivating the students for research. This university was established in 1964 and now bears the 11th position for its high quality research. It is also a member of the N8 Group of research universities.
University of Bath The University of Bath or Bath University or Bath is also among the top 10 universities of UK. It also bears the title of the ´┐ŻUniversity of the Year 2011 -12´┐Ż. This university is a member of the Group of research-led British universities 1994. It is associated with the Commonwealth Universities, the European University, European Quality Improvement System and the MBAs. It offers courses related to engineering, technology, mathematics and physical sciences, along with architecture, social sciences, humanities and management. These courses also offer one-year industry placement in the last year of their course to the students. To pursue a course from the Bath University, one needs to have A-level or A-grade in the high school or graduation, depending on the course the student wants to apply for. Above was the information on top 10 universities of UK. Remember that you need to get an A grade in your high school or graduation to get into any of these universities. These universities also provide financial assistance for the course; you need to enquire about the same in the university, to get a clear idea about it.

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