Two popular methods of sending text online or Internet sms by using computer

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We all are very aware about the messages and their importance in our day to day life. Use of messages has a very long history sand there are evidences that ancient people were sending messages for administrative purpose or for well being of loved ones and message carrier was our very own pigeon. Yes! This is absolutely true that in history birds were used to send or receive messages from the far flung places. Now what we see is a totally different picture but the basics are the same for message sending - Make it small and make it effective. There could be a long discussion on the topic that whether the text or the oral words are more effective method of communication.

Now we all use messages on our mobiles, more popularly known as sms (Short messaging service) and MMS (Multi media messaging service), to express our feelings or opinions. As a matter of fact around 75 percent of all the mobile users either send or receive messages daily and number of messages sent or received per day is in billions. Text message is now the most important value added service to any telecommunication service provider. Businesses can not afford to pass by from such a potential marketing tool with a reach to billions of audience. Commercial use of messages is the most common thing in todayís environment.

There is a basic difference in the regular text message or message from the commercial side. Any regular text messages originate from a mobile and ends at mobile or any phone while commercial messages get originated from the computer and ends at mobile or phone. Messages sent from a computer are also known as Internet sms, text online and pc sms. There are two ways to send text online one is to use any third partyís online interface to send messages and other is to use own sms online gateway to send messages.

Many companies provide websites where a user can send a text message to any mobile number free of cost and when you do not have balance in your mobile or donít want to spend balance on sending messages then you can always use online text as a substitution. Online text has got one more benefit apart from being absolutely free, it is faster to type messages on the pc rather then on the phone itself. But such online interfaces can not be used to send messages at large scale or bulk sms hence are not effective for the commercial use.

Thousands of messages are needed to be sent even in a medium scale bulk sms campaign and it is very important that message sending process should be fast enough otherwise it will impact the over all performance of the project and increment in the total cost of the project will also occur therefore people use sms gateway to send Internet sms. Sms gateway is the facility provided by many telecommunication service providers to send Internet sms in bulk. Often the cost of sending Internet sms by using sms gateway is quite low as compared to the regular messaging service as telecommunication companies get profit from the quantity. There is a requirement of arranging some other tools like sms api and sms software in order to make any business campaign much more effective and fast.

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