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REVIEW - "Take Your Favorite Shows on the Road with You"

Technology is ever present in our days, so it stands to reason that we can watch television on our iPhones. It just works - somehow. gives you a large selection of CBS shows. Not just shows on the CBS network, but networks that are interwoven with CBS. This includes shows on the CW, Cnet and Showtime. CBS Sports is also here.

Some of the shows are full episodes, but most are just snippets of episodes. Not all are current shows, either. If you want to watch the Love Boat, you can do that on Just think about how much more fun that long road trip can be with old episodes of the Love Boat and Family Ties playing on the iPhone.

Some of the shows won't play unless you have Wi-Fi, while others will be just fine running on the 3G network. When you click on a program, you will get a banner telling you "Wi-Fi only" if that applies.

To find a program to watch, you can tap on "shows" and scroll through the list of available shows, or you can click "channels" and pick a channel on which to watch a show. Click on the "ET" channel, for instance, and you can see short videos about various celebrities. Be sure to update often so you get the latest news.

Finally, the app offers shake-to-shuffle technology. Simply shake your iPhone and a program will randomly come up. You can watch it, or you can shake again for a different selection.

When you find a show you like, click on the favorite's button so it will be added to your feed. This creates a customized list of the kind of programs and shows you like to watch. This could be useful for many applications including creating a watch list for a child when you are on a car trip or waiting in a doctor's office.

This is just good fun. If you enjoy TV and wish you could take it with you, the app makes sure you can.

- Deb M.
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