Turn your favourite photograph into a canvas print that everybody can enjoy

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A quick piece about using your own pictures to create pieces of art to hang on your wall, rather than buying other people's work

Unless you are very wealthy it can be hard to find original works of art for your home at affordable prices. Popular artists' work is beyond most people's reach and cheaper prints tend to be mass produced so there is nothing unique about them. Although not everybody feels the need to decorate their house with something that nobody else has, it is nice to own a few things that are special and there are a couple of ways of achieving this aim without having to spend a fortune.

The first option requires a degree of artistic skill and basically involves you painting your own design or picture. A lot of people might not fancy this idea but even if your best efforts are not good enough to hang on the wall it can be nice to try your hand at creating something, especially if the last time you tried was back at school.

For people who are sure that they are not up to painting, a canvas print made from a holiday photograph or portrait picture of your partner is an alternative way of having a one-off piece of art to hang on your wall. If you own the right type of printer then this is something that can be done at home but the hardware is pretty expensive and good quality ink can cost a fair amount of money too. The sort of printer needed will have to be able to accept thick paper and canvas of course.

The most convenient solution is to have a company that specialises in producing such prints sort it out for you. Digital photography has meant that this can easily be done without having to visit the company in question nowadays. All you need to do is upload your chosen photograph to the company's website and choose the layout and size of print that you require.

How big a print you can have will depend on the resolution of the picture that is being used. The higher the resolution the larger the print that can be made without any fear of losing image quality. Most modern cameras have a high enough resolution to make quite large prints so it should not be a problem.

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