Toll Free Number Mistakes To Avoid

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Looking for a toll free number, avoid these common mistakes...

Toll Free Number Hierarchy
There is nothing wrong with 888, 877, 866 or even the new 855 toll free numbers. These have all worked incredibly well for big businesses as well as the American Idol series. However, it is true that an 800 toll free number does offer a little more value. In fact it has been shown that 800 numbers receive 25% of the incoming calls intended for the other toll free prefixes.

Odd Numbers
If you are looking for a winning vanity number you will find that those which are entirely made up of your phrase or word are more valuable than those with stray numbers in them that can confuse callers or make them harder to remember.

Your toll free numbers should not only be catchy but be easy to spell. Otherwise you are going to end up losing quite a bit of business from your marketing campaigns and potential referrals. Prospects are not going to sit there all day trying to remember your toll free number or trying to figure out what they spelt wrong. Make it easy for them if you are truly interested in maximizing marketing ROI.

Brand Unity
There are lots of cool toll free numbers to choose from, but you should certainly start by searching for those that will unify your brand. Search by keyword or phrase to look for a toll free number that includes your business name or web domain name, preferably both. Savvy entrepreneurs are now even looking for winning vanity numbers first and then building their brands around them.

Securing Multiple Variations
Just as with Internet domain names, if you donít secure multiple variations of your toll free number that include common spelling mistakes and the other toll free prefixes you are leaving the door open for your competition to move in on your business.

A toll free number could easily be one of if not the best investment you make in your business. Though unless you use it and really put it to work for you, you will not enjoy many of the advantages and benefits they offer. Your new toll free number should be on every communication you have with the public.

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