Today's Call Center In The Philippines

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The call center industry is considered in the Philippines are the largest and most successful industry in the country. Many today are known to have worked or choose to work as a call center agent because of the many advantages of this type of work, such as competitive salary and benefits. And compared to other jobs, these type of work mostly do not require a bachelor's degree in a specific course, though a business course may prove advantageous.

Because the nature of its work requires little from its applicants, yet offers a lot, many Filipinos, particularly with the youth, have chosen this profession. However, though easy as many have said, particularly when many people have said that this job may only involve supporting callers or Order taking services , the call center industry of today have become more and more competitive compared in the past.

Today's call center industry in the Philippines
Because the recent global recession, many call centers in the Philippines have closed down. This caused a number of call center agents to look for other companies that can still accommodate them. And because of this, the competition grew more intense compared in the past. Because of the competition today, many call center managers require graduates who are extremely fluent in English and (for technical accounts) above par IT skills.

Other than in requirements, the recruitment process have also changed significantly. Though many of their services may only include customer relations such as customer care, technical support, education, and other Order taking services , its requirements may still involve a lot of process.

Part of their recruitment processes include: Phone screening, which involves determining the voice quality over the phone and how the applicant responds to the call; Interview, which are usually conducted by the company human resource department or another outsource staffing firm to test the speaking skills, attitude and how confident the applicant responds to questions; Examination which includes aptitude tests, computer-based call simulations and emotional quotient (EQ) or aptitude tests; and the Final Interview which is used to assess customer service, technical, or sales skills.

Though the competition have grown significantly, and that the recruitment process have become more tighter than in the past, , even though the job could only mean Order taking services , the benefits still remains the same. Many companies may also provide a very competitive salary, particularly in companies such as Sykes and Convergys.

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