Tips for equine photography

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Equine photography is a creative kind of photography. To capture the horse and racer moving around the barrel is a very fascinating photography.

This kind of photography needs action and speed; therefore it requires good angles at the shooting time. Shooting horses is a very fascinating and interesting hobby and work to do. It aims just to freeze the actual moment. Therefore it must be equipped with all the correct equipments. But if we follow certain tips, than it would help us not only to click the better photos of barrel racing but also it would help to enhance and improve our photos.

So how to click the great photos of your friends, family when they are in the barrel of racing. You could click some good clicks just by sitting in stands. There is no side to sit and click photos, both of the sides are good and good for specific purpose. It is very important to understand the art of photography. The main key is to press shutter at the particular time. Do not be dependent on holding just the shutter button and repeatedly clicking many frames. Most of the times actions are so fast that the auto shutter button held down and you are not able to click the moment and finally you miss the shot. So let's see few tips to avoid this problem.

Do not have the hopes of setting the photograph of first barrel if you are with the professional riders in the barrel race, although it is not always the good chance to click good photographs. Normally what happens that the horse runs far away or too close to it, that it becomes difficult to photograph. Thus the first barrel is quite difficult to take the photos.

So the best barrel has been the second one. Normally most of the horses take second barrel. Here you can show the photo of the rider and the horse during a turn and coming out of the turn and the rider proceeding to the next barrel.

Third barrel is the barrel where you get good and amazing shots. As horse is actually digging to get around, the dirt is in the air, most of the times rider's foot is really touching the ground depending upon the turn, horse takes. Moreover the run home is also a good place to take some amazing action photographs.

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