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Well I just had the chance to watch the This is It Movie trailer and This is It is really, really awesome! Yes, the man himself, the King of Pop, the Gloved One is making a comeback from the grave (ala Thriller) and it looks like it's going to be spectacular. For those who haven't seen it yet, here is a run down on what you can expect to see in the trailer (to know what will be in the movie you'll need to buy a ticket for it and wait like everyone else).

We begin with snapping in the background. You can feel the tension building as we are reminded that "his music reached billions," and "his dreams inspired the world." We see the screaming fans and then, slowly fading out of black, the stage lights are set and we see the Gloved One on stage in his signature pose, about to offer us the treat of a lifetime. We are then told that there was still one dream he wanted to share with everyone. In a backstage rehearsal gathering, a small prayer group gets together to say, "we're all here because of him, may that continue." It is so sad how prophetic that prayer was that we will be together one more time because of him.

The This is It Move trailer continues by showing us Michael dancing and saying the words, "this is it." He tells us that it's an adventure and we get to see him making some awesome moves. At least one scene however does not look like it was a rehearsal for the show. We see Michael together with an army of people behind him with the letter M in the background and he is dancing. It seems like this would not have worked on a stage and instead may have been part of a music video he created.

Some of the songs you can expect to hear during the course of the movie are Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror. In both cases, the music is accompanied by some truly amazing choreography where Michael appears to be in the best form of his life (something that belies what we have heard from people since Michael's death that he was in failing health in the last weeks). If you see the This is It Move Trailer and then decide you want to see the show, make sure you buy your tickets early. It's going to be shown for just two weeks and tickets can be expected to sell out awfully fast.

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