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The This is It Movie is coming to a theater near you for just two weeks in October. The movie features never before seen footage of the King of Pops' preparations for his last performance, one that he sadly never had the chance to offer to the world. But is this really it? Is there no more from the Gloved One? Not hardly. In fact, there is likely to be a wealth of material coming out even after the movie closes.

A recent report by MTV actually tells us that the King of Pop will live on for years and years to come. The Gloved One's former boss at Sony Music, Tommy Mottola, says that there is so much more Michael Jackson music that the public has never heard. He claims there are recordings that Michael made dating back as early as the 1980's when Michael was thrilling us with Thriller and we all wanted our MTV.

First off, there were two new albums that Michael was working on when he died. Much of the material is complete and so it can still be released even though he is no longer with us. There is a classical instrumental piece and a pop album with songs produced by Will. I. Am. and Akon. Plus, there are a great many solo tracks that Michael recorded for various demos and to see what various productions might sound like. According to Mottola, "the possibilities for new releases are endless."

So what will actually be in the This is It Movie? Well from the previews that have been released, it seems like most of what Michael was working on were new moves for his old songs. Billie Jean will definitely appear in the movie and there is a whole tribute to Man in the Mirror. But strangely absent (or maybe not so much so) are all the new materials that Tommy Motola claims are still to be released. I strangely absent because one would imagine that at least some taste of that material would get released into the public sphere with the new movie in order to whet the publics appetite for more.

However, my guess is that Sony Records is playing this one close to their hearts and are not willing to release material so fast. They want to milk the Michael train for years to come. Plus there is also the question of who actually owns all those recordings. While Michael sold much of his work to Sony in order to pay debts, a portion of his body of work still belonged to him and now to his heirs. One imagines that it will take years for all the material to be figured out and for decisions to be made on who has rights to what. In the meantime, you can get a taste of the old Michael in the This is It Movie, coming to theaters this October.

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