The Twilight Saga Continues

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It's only been a few months since the third Twilight movie came out, but already fans are talking about the fourth - and final - instalment in the series. However, the notion of Twilight ending after just four movies seems dubious, but if the saga is to remain true to the number of novels penned by author Stephanie Mayer, the franchise is set to end next year.

Since the books originally appeared on the market, Twilight has enjoyed enormous success. With its successful blend of supernatural beings, adventure and teenage romantic angst, Twilight combines just about everything an adolescent could want in its plot: daring, ridiculously attractive characters, exciting supernatural elements, romance and action brought on as a result of that romance. And, in spite of what its many critics have said about it, Twilight has managed to win its way into the hearts of millions all around the globe, of both sexes and of all ages. As much as plenty of people think Twilight is wrong, it must be doing something right to have achieved the inordinate amount of success it has.

The books have drawn millions; so have the movies, and many of Twilight's most dedicated fans - or Twihards as they sometimes refer to themselves - even make a habit of going to each film more than once (sometimes even into the tens of times) in order to get their Twilight fix and impress all their friends with their high tallies.

While it's difficult to fathom just what it is about Twilight that has generated such obsessive fandom, the very fact that this is just what it's done merits some respect. Not many authors - regardless of talent - can generate such a reaction from their story writing, and even though there are many who discredit Stephanie Meyer's skills as the wielder of a pen, it's Meyer who has the last laugh. Just like fellow supernatural author J K Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, Meyer has stumbled across some particular formula that has rewarded her with immediate success. She has tapped into the teenage brain, the imagination's pleasure zone, and - although Twilight and Harry Potter are books of very different styles - enjoyed the same buzz as Rowling from her work, with just as many people clamouring for the best Sky HD deal so they can watch the Twilight movies at home.

Whatever you think about this particular saga, it's certainly hard not to be impressed by its success - especially if you're one of the aforementioned 'Twihards'.

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