The Rise of 3D Movies

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3D programming isn't actually a brand new concept: in fact, the first 3D films existed as far back as the 1950s - though the technology behind them is a far cry from what we're rapidly becoming used to in today's world.

Nowadays, 3D seems to be the way to go in the cinema. All different kinds of films are getting the 3D treatment, though the genres it typically lends itself to best are computer animated children's films and fast-paced, thrilling horror films. This in itself is pretty amusing as you couldn't get two more different genres - but they both work when shown in 3D. This is probably because CGI movies already have a 3D feel to them and, since they tend to be about bizarre and outlandish worlds that aren't the same as our own, plenty of events that occur in the movie can be placed in 3D in order to enhance the experience. As for horror films, the use of 3D certainly adds an extra element of fear to the experience of audiences sitting in the dark: they never know when a spinning blade of doom is going to come flying at them or they're going to get sprayed in the face with gore.

Another reason horror and children's movies work so well in 3D is because they don't really need to be taken too seriously. The 3D enhances the fun of the experience - especially in horror films, where 3D effects do not serve as a way to pull you further into the film's story but are actually more likely to remind you that you're in a cinema watching one. This can increase the enjoyment of the cinematic experience, with many fans even choosing 3D films simply because they know the 'kill' scenes will be all the more entertaining now that they're in 3D!

The new style has become so popular that it's coming to normal television today. Recently, the first 3D televisions have made an appearance on the market where viewers can wear glasses and enjoy 3D television in the comfort of their own living room. That means that viewers can enjoy all the latest 3D movies that have been hitting the cinemas, such as Avatar, Toy Story 3, Final Destination 3D and Saw 3D - to name but a few - and recreate the cinema experience even more in their own homes just by switching on their 3D TV - which is certainly great news for the whole family.

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