The reason the mini face lift is called low stress

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A mini face lift is also sometimes called the "weekend face lift." This is because you can recover from it in as little as two days. The intention of the procedure is to enhance key facial areas with less stress or cost than the usual facelift. It can correct minor sagging around the jaw line, neck and cheeks.

It is a fantastic option, along with a VI peel, for those who are first starting experience aging but don't want to wait to undergo more intensive surgery. You can get as early as age thirty if you are looking haggard when you are hat long.

The mini face lift focuses on specific areas like the neck and folds of the nose. Small incisions using endoscopic facelift technology is used to remote and reposition facial tissue so the face looks firmer, tauter and resculpted. Usually it is minor sagging around the cheeks, jowls and neck area that needs addressing.

When a standard facelift is done the person's entire appearance is improved by reducing wrinkles and sagging throughout the entire face. The mini face lift is limited in some ways. For instance the forehead or brow is not really addressed by this type of surgery. However you will see significant results in the lower part of the face.

The reason the mini face lift is called low stress is because it is not as invasive as the full face lift or even a brow lift. The endoscopic wand is a device that is used like a tube through which other surgical instruments are inserted. Small cut are made around the area of the face to be treated and the endoscope is inserted. A small camera is also inserted below the skin so the plastic surgeon can see what he is doing. In a full facelift some major surgery is required. These types of face lifts are often referred to as a weekend face lift due to the fact that patients are in and out without a lot of pain or stress.

The cost of the mini facelift makes it accessible to most people. While standard procedures can be highly effective, patients are sometimes reluctant to spend a lot of money to fix a minor issue. Since the mini facelift is less complex and the operation is shorter, it can be performed more quickly. This means that it requires less anesthesia and recovery time than traditional facelift surgery. Additionally, patients are usually able to return home shortly after the procedure. All of these factors help keep the cost of the mini facelift quite low compared to traditional face lifts and browlifts.

A mini face lift is considered to be very safe. Sometimes complications arise. Some people are more prone to scarring than others but a skilled surgeon is usually able to hide scars.

The most common post-operative problems are reactions to anesthesia which include nausea and dizziness. A hematomoa can occur under the skin and require further surgery to stop the bleeding. An infection is also a risk (as it is with any type of surgery).

In a worst case scenario you choose a plastic surgeon that has is having a bad day and manages to cause injury to the nerves that control your facial muscles. If you smoke you will also have problems healing.

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