The Canvas Print

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A Canvas print is also known as a giclee canvas print or canvas art. It is also known as a stretched canvas to which results in an image or photo to be transferred by a large format printer onto the canvas fabric by printing which is to displayed on a wall either in a personís home or in an office or even in galleries.

The canvas printing process has been around for many using offset printing methods for canvas artwork and other types of canvas printing pictures and designs. The canvas printing is associated with inks such as inkjet or dye sublimation. The canvas material is normally made from cotton which give a unique look and texture to the print itself and can even made it look like it was made a long time ago even though itís a new canvas print. This is the brilliance of having a pure cotton canvas rather than a poly cotton canvas as it can give of the style that it was made years ago.

Now donít get me wrong the poly cotton canvas is a great material for printing your photos and artwork on canvas to. Reason being is because the poly cotton canvas has a matt finish which looks allot more tidy and clean looking which give of a more modern effect if that is the look for going for with you wall decoration.

The canvas prints are usually stretched over a wooden framed called stretcher bars, these can be found in the united kingdom with many suppliers and anyone that knows allot about canvas printing will tell you that stretcher bar frames is the best method and the best frame to use for stretching canvas over. The reason for this is because on one side of the frame it is flat and smooth so the manufacture can staple the canvas while stretching with ease and this also give room to have any sort of hanging kits that may be added to the back for when you come to hang the canvas print. Also on the other side of the canvas frame there is a bevelled edge. This bevelled edge give air between the canvas and the frame allow for any temperature change throughout the year as your canvas will go hot and cold due to the weather and if the bevelled edge wasnít there then your canvas will eventually end up going very loose and would need reframed again so the bevelled edge does play a very big part in the stretcher bar frame that the canvas sits on.

This is sort of canvas is perfect for any type of photo canvas printing or artwork on canvas prints or even if you have designs that you would like on a stretched canvas thereís lots of different things. Basically whatever you have a picture of whether itís a hard copy like a photograph or if itís a digital image from a camera you can transfer this to canvas as a canvas print.

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