The Benefits of Having Both Pierced Earrings and Clip On Earrings in your Style Repertoire

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Mix it up! Every woman should have a mixture of pierced earrings and clip earringsin their jewelry box. Fashion, style, comfort and longevity; these are all reasons why it makes sense to try out both styles of earrings. Giving your ears a rest, in itself, is a great excuse to wear non-pierced earrings. Switch between the two styles for varied looks and varied comfort levels.

Bold and chunky earrings are always a good standby for a fun night out. The only trouble is that the heavier the earring, the more they weigh down your earlobe. In the case of pierced earrings, this can lead to drooping earlobes or stretched out holes. Eventually if you wear these heavy earrings long enough, your ear holes will become stretched to the point where you can't wear small, dainty studs anymore. Instead of going through all that trouble, the better way to wear your favorite bold and flashy earrings is with clip on earrings. The clip earring will hold securely to your ear and keep the earring in the perfect spot without risking damage to your earlobe.

When you are interested in trying out the vintage look, clip on earrings are a great option. True vintage pieces generally come in clip on versions since that style of earring was most popular. Art deco, intricate detailed designs, silver clip on earrings and others are beautiful in a clip on or screwback earring.

Fake diamond magnetic earrings provide a classic diamond stud look for an affordable price and comfortable feel. Magnetic earrings are easy to put on, easy to wear and easy to look good in. If you have never tried a pair of magnetic earrings, look to simple, classic diamond studs for your first pair. You will love to the look and the unique feel of the magnets securely holding the earring to your ear.

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