Tera Gold includes Professional Skills of Materials and Components Items

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In you to complete your mission that part of Tera Gold, and don't leave to wait until everyone in the team to finish the task. For example: each team member must collect five items. You to collect the five pieces but some members in the team collected no. Once you leave immediately after collected and not help the rest of the team members, or continues to collect before leaving the didn't get their license, is very impolite. If you leave, people will think you are just using them to complete the task, in you to gain it immediately after left them.

If you get a thing you can't use items, but other members of the team can use, you should make it to the teammates. For example, you get a very good scepter, but you are a soldier. Of course you can sell it to change some money, but if the group has a scepter use mage, you should put a scepter to him. That includes professional skills of materials and components items. Remember in your team members to the captain of the team or ask the rules, and if you get something that you can't use items and refused to give those who truly need it players, it is quite possible that conflict intensifies.

You should usually avoid in battle the process plunder corpse (unless you are a monster to hang up), and should concentrate on fighting, straight after the enemy around again trust to rob. If the whole team in action, and you with monster squat down in one side of the body, the monster turn might annoy your partner. So please remember that, after the first fight, rob.

Especially the treasure box-when your team fight, you should not try to open Tera Gold box, this is very impolite behavior, unless your teammates are you very good friends, or a team outside of the other players could be near the and open it. Let the captain decided by who should go to open the treasure box, or all input "/ random 1 100" to randomly generated a 1-100 between digital, who got the highest number, and who to open it and the like.

If you will have this need treatment and his Tera Gold, that then treatment them anyway. If you are in the main treatment team, but also cannot treat them, the best that I am sorry said. You can't stop people from the edge in death, but at least you can wander to let them know that you have to do the best.

When you go out shopping for a circle back to the place where after team, at first make sure that you did not take "train" or may attack the monster teammates back, because it will make his teammates angry. If you need to get back to the team to get help, you'd better tell them you need help.

If you have on your team beneficial Buff magic, do not save. If the members of the team the Buff will disappear, let him tell you. If others know you have these Buff and you don't have them, they may be don't believe you, and that you don't know their own use of occupation. On the other hand, if you give to their duties and Buff, they can say "hey, this guy is really good."

When you fight, alert to those around you who walks back and Tera Gold. If you close the distance between, be careful not to remove them attracted to you, the battle that's going on down. If there are many individual team has the same professional skills, and they share items or resources dot. Don't too well.

No matter when, as far as possible for your team to pay Tera Online Gold a little bit. Try your best to do, you can help players things. If you touched them, they may have good memories for you, this can you for the future of the development to create a good interpersonal relationship.

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