Tennessee Strikes Again--New Gun Law

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Executive Summary - The Tennessee Governor signed a new gun law. This law says that people who have guns lawfully cannot have them taken away just because martial rule has been declared. This was a response to what happened in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina when the authorities went door to door confiscating guns.

The gun confiscation in New Orleans was probably just a test by the fed to see what the reaction was. It is the goal of the federal government to confiscate all privately owned guns as soon a possible. The states standing up to them with states rights laws may be a good thing. Freedom is something that one had best be ready to pay for with a lot more than just having elected representatives pass favorable laws. The federal government has been ignoring the constitution and laws domestic and international on all levels for decades.

Just because states are passing some bills does not be think the fed is going to be respective of their rights. We do know the federal government is very fast to take lives to have their way; they are in two wars today. I wonder how determined the states are to be free. Note I did not say remain free.

-Aurelia Masterson, originally published at: http://www.panamalaw.org

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