Television set buying guide for Indian buyers:

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The T.V is one of the best inventions according to a lot of people because it keeps them occupied when they would otherwise be bored. Some people call it the idiot box because of the dramas and soap operas that are played normally on a daily basis. Many studies in different countries regarding T.V viewer ship generally take into account the number of average hours spent in front of the T.V. It keeps people occupied and can be highly informative when we watch the History, Discovery, and other channels like National geographic to sports to news and the list can go on and on. It also can be just as destructive when people watch violent movies or other shows that are in the same league.
Let's forget about the uses and abuses and focus upon the Television set itself. Buying a T.V set is not an easy task. There are so many factors involved and people venturing into buying one have to ask themselves a varied number of questions. My knowledge is based mostly on what is popular in India as I happen to reside in the beautiful city of Bangalore-the Silicon Valley as well as the Garden city of India.

There are four main types of TV's. They are CRT-Cathode ray tube, Plasma, LCD-Liquid crystal display and LED-Light emitting diode. It is beyond the scope of this article to delve into the various types and its features. I would rather focus on the minor details.
First step is to measure the space where the T.V will be parked at; it should typically be based on the size of the room and viewing area. After that focus on picture quality, the darkness of picture tube or screen surface. The tip here is the darker the screen, the better the contrast. It is always a good idea to have high-contrast pictures. Then there is screen flatness. The trick is to go for flat because flatter the screen, the lesser the glare from lamps and windows.
The comb filter is also important as it improves the picture we see on the screen. Then there are Audio capabilities / AV Inputs/Outputs and finally a remote control that is easy to use along with added accessories based on the needs of the purchasing party. Pay attention to the warranty and service plans as they may come in handy if something goes wrong.

In India there are a bunch of T.V's that are selling in the market. Some of the better ones are sold online at price comparison portals at competitive prices and then there are also different stores, both large and small that can fulfill the needs of the customers. As usual it is better to stick to the big names or one of the major manufacturers as they lend credibility to the product.

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