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05th August 2010

Identifying Skin Types and Caring for Them

Before undergoing any skin care treatment, one of the most important things to know is skin type. Not all skin care treatments yield the same results for people with different skin types. The difference lies in the amount of oil and moisture stored in the...

09th June 2010

Taking Care of Different Skin Types

The most important thing anybody needs to know before undergoing any skin care treatments is the type of skin that they have. Skin types can vary depending on the amount of oil stored in them. Skin types include dry, oily, sensitive, combination or normal...

29th December 2009

Freshness Detox Mask 2Oz

Ayurvedas Beauty Care Product is Detox Mask 20z. Detox Mask 20z is Apply all over face and neck. Keep on until it becomes tight. Rinse off with lukewarm water and splash with ice cold water. Avoid contact with eyes. Clean your skin with water 3 to 4 ti...

17th September 2009

Does Photodynamic Work For Acne?Does Photodynamic Work For Acne?

Of all the acne light treatments available in recent years, none has hogged the limelight so much than photodynamic therapy. Rapidly gaining more popularity everyday, short contact photodynamic therapy has become the new miracle treatment for people su...

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