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03rd October 2011

Buy the miniature photo frames for your buddies and bring a smile on their face

Whenever we are invited for any occasion like wedding or birthday party, we like to attend the party and also enjoy that to our heartís content. Well, all the moments whether memorable or not, pass us by even if we want to grasp them into our clutches. Th...

19th September 2011

Wedding Thank You Photo Cards With Digital Images

Weddings are the most memorable occasion of a person's life. This is also a great time to get reacquainted with relatives or friends and receive wedding gifts. It is the right etiquette to write thank you cards in order to show your gratitude towards the ...

05th September 2011

How to Incorporate Family Crests into your Wedding Decorations

By Mark in Family
The union of two families through marriage can be even more special if you utilize family crests or seals in your decorating. You do not have to use them in every area of your ceremony and reception but by utilizing them in a few key areas you should be a...

09th May 2011

Wedding Card 101

Did you know why wedding cards already earn the affection of the people all around the world? Why most couples who are about to get married would now want to receive a wedding card on their special day? Do you know why in just a few years, wedding cards a...

26th April 2011

Turquoise-Symbol of Friendship

Turquoise is the semi precious gemstone known and valued for thousands of years. This opaque gemstone is a treat to watch. It is known as one of the most ancient of gems. Colour: Turquoise is a gemstones found in shades of blue to blue-green. Shinin...

25th February 2011

Stuck for Wedding Present Ideas?

Wedding gifts are probably the hardest gifts to buy. Which is why it is no surprise that so many people have wedding lists these days to give people a good indication of what is needed rather than find themselves receiving a bunch of gifts they have no us...

23rd September 2009

Wonderful Wedding Favors Gifts Receives Highest Rating

Wonderful Wedding Favors and Gifts is happy to have received a 5 star rating from Review Place. Now you can make your wedding as memorable as can be. Instead of rushing through trying to get things done, while buying a lot of manufactured gifts that will ...

23rd September 2009

Wedding Gifts for Your Groomsmen are an Excellent way to Show the Guys

Wedding gifts for your groomsmen are an excellent way to show the guys how much you appreciate their support on your wedding day. Gifting your groomsmen may seem tricky, but there are a number of great ideas for wedding gifts for your groomsmen. Rememb...

22nd August 2009

Frame those Photos

Beautiful photos need beautiful frames that don't overpower or overshadow the picture, but enhance its qualities and improve the overall look. Most photographers also offer framing services, even if you don't employ them to be your photographer. There are...

16th April 2009

Putting Pictures On Canvas To Give As Holiday Or Anniversary Gifts

Pictures on canvas make great holiday gifts, wedding gifts and other anniversary gifts. If you are having a hard time deciding on what to get a bride and a groom, if you have been invited to a high class party and you have no ideas for a gift, if it is yo...

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