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08th June 2012

iphone payment solutions

No need to say that we are living in an age which may term as Age of Communication. Earlier when human being had very little medium of communication, then it was unbelievable that the whole world could be captured by your finger only. Nowadays everyone ha...

13th April 2010

The Motorola Milestone provides android functionality as well as style

The Motorola Milestone is one of the most technologically advanced mobile phones available within the market. The handset makes use of an ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor as well as the Android operating system to provide a unit that performs excellently. ...

01st August 2009

Play more music with Nokia 5800 Xpress music

Nokia is among the well known brands that are available worldwide. Nokia had introduced superior quality handsets in the past and at present it is working towards developing new handsets integrated with latest innovations in mobile technologies. The Nokia...

04th July 2009

The HTC G1 White is a phone of distinction

The HTC G1 is a phone which outshines many with its classic good looks and stunning array of functionality. From its large touch screen to its fast internet connection, this phone simply oozes appeal and offers a compendium of features that delights its f...

11th June 2009

Blackberry 9000- Great Design!

This smart phone is the result of pure innovation and engraves a graceful design without compromising functionality or features that one might expect from such a great gadget. This cool and unique design really expresses style and aids to simplify the lif...

11th June 2009

The elegance of the Nokia E63 Black promises rich rewards

The Nokia E63 Black provides Nokia with a phone which provides a solid and reliable unit with a plethora of functions. Its look ensures there is no doubt of what Nokia's intentions are with this phone. From its impressive TFT screen to its keyboard, the i...

01st June 2009

LG KM900 –Incredible Design!

LG, a worldwide leader of mobile electronics, announced its latest design LG KM900 that claims as one of the most beautiful and cool design to all launched in the mobile market till date. This mobile phone offers exciting video and audio experience with ...

01st June 2009

Blackberry 8220 Flip- Wonderful Mobile Phone!

With Blackberry 8220 Flip series put in the pocket, one actually enters into the world of unlimited possibilities. Those who have this handset, just have fun. This gadget shows the actual blend of style and top quality performance and also presents how te...

09th April 2009

Apple iPhone- Mesmerising with sensational features

The Apple iPhone comes with high speed data transferring capabilities that include 3G HSPDA, GPRS and EDGE technologies. This is a light weighed device and measures 12.3 x 62.1 x 115.5 mm. Thus, with its light weight and small size, it becomes a highly po...

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