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29th September 2010

The Amazing Transformers Movie Review

For individuals of you who remember watching the 80's animated cartoon Transformers, you will be very exultant to attain not worth it a film will soon be released featuring all the Autobots and Decepticons you remember from so as to instant. You will plus...

04th August 2010

Be the winner in the skill games for girls

Do you play the skill games for girls?may be you can have a try that will make you find it is full of challenges,I like new things and which can make a chanlenge to myself,so maybe sometimes,you can have a try to something that you haven't played. Now ...

28th April 2010

Novel Review - Summary and Main Characters of Andrew Klavan's Man and Wife Novel

Summary of The Story Calvin Bradley was a psychiatrist in the Highbury Family Mental Health Clinic-the Manor- who treated a boy, Peter Blue, and the other abnormal patients. Peter Blue had set fire to a church and had to bring to prison. But, Calvin tr...

11th November 2009

Teens Need Each Other!

The afternoon after the 31st of October, after everyone had gotten over the pumpkins and dress ups, my brother and I were walking back home after playing a great game of tennis. It all started when a large group of teens were walking towards us on the ...

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