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09th October 2011

Anti-allergy Wipes Are Safe for Cats

Pet allergy can cause nasal symptoms, respiratory symptoms, as well as symptoms in the eyes and skin. So before making any decision to get a cat, you should look into whether you and your family members are allergic to cats. Cats are considered to be the ...

14th March 2011

How to Do Glass Painting

This creative artist has made up her mind that she will never use someone else's tunes. She creates her own drumming. A painter and stained glass artist from Pratt, Kansas has created a one of a kind form of art. As a matter of fact, it is so unique that ...

14th March 2011

Expressing Art With Stained Glass

This artist doesn't follow the beat of a different drummer. She tries to create a new tune. The Pratt, Kansas artist has created her a unique form of art by using her skills of painting and stained glass. It is a fact that she couldn't find a name for it ...

01st March 2011

Yoda Dog Costume - Halloween Pet Safety Concepts

Refer to it as Halloween, Allhallows eve, or even Walpurgis Night. Anything you call it, for whatever reason, some people go a little overboard on Allhallows eve. Putting your animal outback or tethered to a timber in the front yard is a good decision. E...

12th July 2010

Kids Just Love Pet Bunny Rabbits

Children are very fond of rabbits as they are cute looking and do not weigh more than 2.5kg to 3 kg when small. Their prying look and sniffing excites the children, but they are docile creatures. They have a very thin lifeline; therefore, they should be d...

27th January 2010

How to Take Care of Pet Problems on Carpet

Why is it that Fido always finds the nicest, cleanest carpet to relieve himself? You can have hard floors throughout your entire home, but he'll always go to the one room with carpet or rugs. No matter. But what you should concerned about is removing...

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