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08th March 2011

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger Physical characteristics A mutation of the Bengal subspecies, the white tiger, has dark brown or reddish brown stripes on a white background, and some are entirely white. Black tigers have tawny, yellow or white stripes on a black backgroun...

13th January 2011

Getting Familiar with the Rocking Nightlife of Chennai

Gateway to South India, Chennai is one of the most sizzling places located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Keeping alive the rich culture and heritage, Chennai is one of the great destinations that has been completely modernized. The place i...

08th December 2010

Climate Change, triggered by Global Warming good for Kerala

Kerala coconut production will increase by 30% and sardines will be more during the South West Monsoon season and mackarels will be more during the months in between October and March ! Libra rains are proving destructive in Kerala. The North East Mons...

08th December 2010

The Rainy solar Transits or Njattuvelas

The Sun entered the first degree of Sidereal Libra, thus heralding the North East Monsoon or Thula Varsham, as per Astro Meteorology. This is the Retreating Monsoon. Coming as a depression from the Bay of Bengal, it takes the moisture laden winds and t...

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