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20th March 2012

8 Shinier Hair Tips No One Wants You To Know

No one should be surprised by the fact that one of the biggest complaints women have concerning hair care focuses on the lack of shinier hair. When one considers the massive amount of time that we spend engaged in washing, coloring, drying and styling our...

05th October 2011

seven Suggestions to Hair Decline Prevention

o Avoid any pressure on the scalp from restricted pony tails, clips and clasps, elastic bands or something that restricts your hair, your hair need to be left as totally free as probable as considerably as possible. Do not brush your hair way too harshly,...

17th November 2010

Time to Rescue Your Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is usually the result of too much exposure to heat and chemicals. Perms, colourings, relaxers and other chemical treatments wear on the natural strength of our hair. Blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons and other heated appliance...

04th June 2010

Athletic Hair Styles - Types & Ideas

Double braids - work well with medium to longer hair lengths as they both keep the hair out of the face and off of the neck. Using a comb, trace a straight part down the back of the head and protected one of the two sections with an elastic band. Start br...

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